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Where is Greenlawn located?

Greenlawn is located just outside the city limits of Tiffin on County Road 36 (Coe Road) just past Hedges Boyer Park.  Greenlawn Drive, or CR 13, runs through the cemetery dividing the East or “New” side from the West “Old” side.


How long has Greenlawn been in existence?

Greenlawn has existed in its present location since 1860.


How big is the cemetery?

Greenlawn has almost 80 acres, 30 of which are now being used.


How many are buried at Greenlawn?

There are over 14,000 people who have been laid to rest in Greenlawn.  A staff of volunteers has been reviewing and cross–referencing the burial documents to verify the accuracy of the data.


Who can be buried at Greenlawn?

Greenlawn Cemetery welcomes all burials, regardless of race, religion, gender or economic status.


How do I purchase graves at Greenlawn?

Purchasing a grave is actually the purchasing of a “right to inter” in a given location within the cemetery.  You may tour the cemetery on your own to find an area that appeals to you, and then call our office for an appointment.  You may also make an appointment to tour the cemetery with the grounds superintendent.  Once the paperwork is completed and payment is received, the purchaser is issued an Interment Rights Certificate indicating that he/she has the right to be buried in the location chosen.


We highly recommend that you also discuss pre-planning your final arrangements with a local funeral home.  This will give your family peace of mind during an extremely stressful time.  When pre-planning through a funeral home, you will pre-pay, at today’s price, the burial or interment fee which the funeral home will pay to the cemetery at the time of burial.  Funeral homes, by law, must maintain a trust into which prepayments are deposited.  Interest accrues in the trust so that the funeral home can pay the cemetery’s burial or interment charge at the time of burial with no additional charge to the family.


I can’t afford to buy all the graves I want at one time.  Do you offer payment plans?

Greenlawn has recently introduced a payment plan.  Please contact the office at 419-447-2010 for more information.


Isn’t Greenlawn a township cemetery?

This is a commonly heard misconception.  GCA has no government or church affiliation.  It is a private, not – profit, 501 (c) 13 association of lot owners with a volunteer Board of Trustees and volunteer office staff.  Anyone who purchases a grave has a vote in matters concerning the cemetery.  A lot owners’ meeting is held once per year.  Notice of the meeting appears in the Advertiser Tribune.


Where does the cemetery’s income come from?

Greenlawn is a private, non – profit, 501 (c) 13 organization and is not affiliated with any government or religious body.  Its income comes solely from the sale of interment rights (graves), charges for opening and closings, interest from our endowment funds and yearly donations.  In fact, over 30% of our income comes from donations.


When is the cemetery open?

The cemetery is open every day of the year during daylight hours.  Office hours are Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9 AM until 2 PM.  If you need to reach the cemetery, please call 419-447-2010 and leave a message.  The full time grounds superintendent picks up messages daily during  the week.


Are there still burials in the mausoleum?

We currently are not offering burials in the mausoleum.


Can we use the chapel for a service?

There is no charge at present for the use of the chapel for a small service.  Contact the office at 419-447-2010 for more information.

How do I arrange for a military burial for a loved one?  Please view the link for Military Burial Information under Important Information on this website.


What kind of grave monuments are allowed at Greenlawn?

There are no restrictions on grave makers in the cemetery except for two sections on the east side where only flat markers are allowed. Please refer to the Cemetery Rules and Regulations, Article IX under Important Information on this website.


Does Greenlawn sell and install the monuments?

Greenlawn does not sell monuments.  Greenlawn will work with any monument company you choose.  The monument companies will consult with our superintendent on the placement and style of the monuments.


Does Greenlawn maintain the monuments?

The maintenance and cleaning of a monument are the responsibility of the family of the deceased.  Greenlawn is only responsible for the maintenance of the area around the monument.  We will, on occasion, upright a monument that poses a risk to our grounds personnel or visitors.


What kind of flowers, plantings can I place at the grave of a loved one?

Trees, shrubs and flowers allowed on the gravesites have been carefully selected so that future maintenance is at a minimum. For more information, please view the link for Cemetery Rules and Regulations, Article X, found under Important Information on this website.


I searched for someone that I know is buried at Greenlawn, but cannot find the name.

Our volunteers have been working for many years to enter the data and cross – reference it in order to verify its accuracy.  The data is only as accurate as the original records, some of which are excellent and easy to read, others “sketchy” and difficult to read.  Some records are missing entirely.   Various spellings of the same name are often seen on the same record.  We welcome any information that you can give us to help us to assure the accuracy of our records.  Please email us your concerns/information at corrections@greenlawncemeterytiffin.org.  We will research our records and attempt to add or correct any information that we have in our searchable database.


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